An interview for Antilatency!

Recently, our colleagues from Antilatency visited us, during the interview we talked about how we use their ALT tracking system in our projects and how, in our opinion, the direction of virtual production in Russia will develop in the future. ⠀
It turned out very informative, you can watch the video with subtitles on the official Antilatency YouTube channel!

Tracking systems: FAQ – what to work with and for what?

Tracking systems in virtual production have a lot of tasks: in addition to the usual task of tracking the position of the camera, it is often necessary to use a multi-camera mode of operation, display AR objects on top of the virtual scene, and also ensure the correct operation of the scene in a bundle of realtime Motion Capture + AR for live broadcasts. ⠀

Today we will talk about the tracking systems that remained in our arsenal after passing the “field tests”: which systems do the best for their tasks and how they showed themselves “in battle”.