XR – BLACK ICEBERG Series Premiere Teaser!

The distant future, humanity has reached a point of no return, and with the advent of the era of technological singularity, the planet plunged into the darkness of a new ice age. The secrets of the past are hidden under a layer of age-old ice, the continents are separated by two oceans. Flora and fauna are fighting for life, adapting to the new harsh conditions.
Anarchy, lack of social constructs and hunger force the survivors to build cities – communities, seeking salvation within the walls of these new outposts of civilization in the vast icy desert.
And above all this chaos of the new world he rises …
Black Iceberg …

Expanding the possibilities – virtual production for TV! Shooting pre-rolls for REN TV!

In the new season, REN TV continues to reveal military and historical mysteries of the past, and we – to unleash the potential of virtual production tools for television tasks.

For each of the programs, a concept was chosen and a virtual scene with animation of 3D objects was developed. To increase the effect of actors’ immersion in the scene, we made objects interactive and interaction with them became part of the plot.