The best event-team certified by AKMR – 2021

The work of our virtual studio was marked with a special award for the use of combined shooting technologies in the field of event, media and television communications. The Parallax Digital team and Channel Five won several awards in the Best Event Team Certified by AKMR.
The experts highly appreciated the unique events held by the channel’s specialists, also separately noting the importance of using innovative tools and techniques for television, used in cooperation with the specialists of the Parallax Digital studio, and their place in providing a live broadcast of the annual online award of the APKiT and, of course, one of the most spectacular and large-scale projects of the year – “Scarlet Sails”.

Online concert JANE AIR BAND

A small look into the past, the beginning of 2021 was truly powerful for our team – we rushed into the new year full of strength and ideas – and started with a joint project with the Blaster and LenDoc team.

We decided to open a project with a virtual setup for small studios, for online concerts and live broadcasts. And which group best conveys the energy and vibe of the city on the Neva?
JANE AIR BAND, of course!