Live broadcast of the annual film award APKiT 2021


TR C Petersburg // 5 CHANNEL


Broadcasting, Award

The ninth official ceremony of the APKIT award was held online, everyone who loves and appreciates domestic cinema in live mode from our virtual studio could see the possibilities of combined shooting with camera tracking by the Mo-Sys StarTracker system in action

APKiT is a member of FIAPF (International Federation of Film Producers Associations) – International Federation of Film Producers Associations, which includes 38 organizations from 31 countries of the world. Working within the FIAPF contributes to the formation of a unified international strategy in such areas as, for example, copyright and intellectual property, countering piracy, digital technologies. APKiT is the only professional prize in Russia awarded to Russian TV series and films based on the expert judgment of the producers

Second Prize - New Challenges, New Scale and Reach!

For the second year already, at the request of TRK Petersburg – 5 CHANNEL, we have been working towards the technical support of the most authoritative award in the field of Russian cinema, and this year has become even more responsible for us – the second award set new tasks for us and provided an excellent chance to introduce technical innovations. to achieve world-class quality visual content and graphics

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In 2021, the number of viewers of the broadcast almost doubled, breaking the record of previous years
The main task was to implement tracking of 3 cameras and seamless switching between them during the live broadcast

This year, the case of the IX Prize of APKiT became a laureate of the AKMR (Association of Communications and Corporate Media Directors Association of Russia) competition and the MediaBusiness publishing house. The awards were received in the nominations "Best Business Event" and "Best Studio for an Online Event" using Virtual Production technology and combined shooting

The jury of the ceremony included the best producers of the country, the brightest stars of the Russian film industry traditionally walked down the red carpet. This year has become a real breakthrough for many: for the first time, Russian cinema is becoming complex, diverse, truly large-scale, and serial cinema acquires new shades in a bright palette of genres and plots, goes to a new level