Premiere teaser of the first series filmed with the use of virtual production technologies, without the use of location shooting


Black Iceberg


TV series

We have started production of the first Russian TV series shot using virtual production technologies that expand the boundaries of the usual principles of work. We deliberately ditched the location and Chroma key technology to put our skills to the test!

How do you see the world of the future?
A world of victorious technological progress, in which man is the highest value and the ideas of humanism rule minds, or a world where these values ​​have been defeated by a pandemic, man-made disasters, globalization and computer neural networks?
Is there a place in this world for simple and understandable values, compassion and love, and what is the highest point of human development? 

The history of the series will take you into the future, five hundred years after the mysterious cataclysm. The planet was completely frozen, and the entire previous civilization hid under a huge layer of ice. Most people and other living things were doomed to freeze immediately. Those who stayed started a continuous war for survival ... But how many lives will need to be sacrificed for our heroes to answer the only truly important question...