Cognitive journey for first graders to the Day of Knowledge


Ministry of Education of St. Petersburg


Entertainment and educational video for primary school students

Large interactive video lesson for the youngest pupils, scheduled for September 1

Shooting an interactive video lesson with games and tasks for the youngest students, with the participation of two characters: an actor – a traveler and his companion – an animated cartoon owlet Prosha. ⠀
The thirty-minute video was filmed in 2 shooting days, 9 virtual locations were used in it, all of them were included in the final editing

The video tutorial was shown in all schools on the first school day, the show was timed to coincide with the celebration of First Grader Day, which is celebrated for the first time this year

The students were given a virtual tour of the city, told about the Russian National Library, the Summer Garden and the Hermitage, and also took off in a hot air balloon over the Gazprom Arena stadium. In addition to the presenter, the main character of the video tutorial was an animated character – the owlet Prosha. All animation and interaction of the presenter with the character in virtual scenes took place in real time at the time of shooting

Working on 3D models, rigging and animation

In addition to the development of the virtual environment, our staff has employees engaged in 3D graphics, character animation, rig equipment: all the necessary processes for creating characters within one studio

Idea, concept and implementation

The integration of the character was necessary for a more complete immersion of the audience in the process of interacting with the interactive mini-tasks of the charming host-traveler, so it was very important to pay special attention to its realism, feather simulation and animation

The relevance of this format of educational materials for schoolchildren will only grow every year, but we consider it our task to provide high quality graphics

The pre-production process began two weeks before the technical shifts of the development of the site, our colleagues from Moscow, the director and operator of the project, joined us, the first stages of work on the graphics for the project were carried out remotely, according to the selected references for virtual scenes and an animated small satellite of the presenter, who, according to the plot of the video lesson is also a first grader.