Participation in the largest conference in the world of game development - Dev Gamm 2021


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We took part in the DEV GAMM conference and talked about why virtual production, like any innovation in the video production market, did not immediately get into the "shortlist" of content production methods, and why technical specialists still have many questions about the features of shooting projects using Unreal Engine

The technology continues to capture new frontiers of domestic production, increasingly displacing the usual “greenscreen”. After all, if with the latter you will see the final result only after a few months, then combined shooting with the use of LED screens allows you to see the result immediately – in the preview from the camera

We understand the importance of participation in such large conferences for the content production market in Russia

But it is not enough to know and talk about this type of production – it is important to understand how it works. While working on commercial projects, our team divided the production process into stages, and we were happy to share our experience with colleagues in the film industry and the world of game development

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DevGAMM is the largest conference for gaming industry professionals in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus
For game experts DevGAMM is a source of new knowledge and the latest achievements of the gaming industry, as well as an opportunity to share information and experience with each other

It is important to note that a new type of production is not always able to replace the green screen, or turn the film industry upside down. The cinema industry will continue to use Green Screen for certain tasks that Led cannot perform at this stage in the development of the production of LED screens

But virtual production has already shown itself in the foreign market – the projects of LucasFilm, Netflix, HBO and many others speak for themselves. The global film industry is increasingly relying on realtime graphics, reducing production times and costs. Every day our team is trying to adopt the experience of colleagues and integrate new useful and convenient tools into the filming process, adapting them to the specifics of working in Russia, optimizing project costs in order to prove that all the developments being implemented are already necessary now and make the filming process more stable. and the result is more guaranteed, starting from the pre-production stage