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PLANEMO "What?" or a bold choice of a technical solution for the debut

About the artist Planemo, performing in a hood and mask and, appealing to Sartre and Tsoi, uttering caustic recitatives on social topics, nothing is known. This, in fact, is part of the concept of the project, which promises to combine its music with “various types of contemporary performative art – from short films to video installations and graffiti.” It is also known that Planemo is a resident of the St. Petersburg association Galernaya 20, which has turned from a recording studio into a creative hub and label


Due to the fact that we had only two weeks to prepare the project, we decided to use ready-made virtual scenes, rework them for the concept, work on lighting and animations, make scenes more realistic in terms of textures and dynamic lighting. In the process, this was supposed to enhance the effect of “breaking” the fourth wall between the audience of the concert and the artist

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This solution allowed us to reduce preparation time by about 40%
A team of eight employees was involved to work on the broadcast


This broadcasting format allows you to save not only time: the budget of such broadcasting can also please you pleasantly, but we will offer a high-quality implementation that will be "affordable"

Concept product

By creating graphics in the Unreal Engine environment, we can afford to create detailed, realistic and conceptual worlds, with the ability to integrate any 3D objects and branding locations

The first PLANEMO performance was held live and in virtual scenery created using augmented reality technology

We immediately realized that the live broadcast of the concert from a virtual setup installed from LED screens is exactly what we need for Planemo. Since it ideally fit into the concept of the artist, in whose work the theme of the illusory nature of our world is a red thread. For two weeks, the virtual scenes were being prepared, and at the appointed hour we put the concert on air. No editing. All in one take. Everything worked out the first time, it only took a couple of rehearsals for the artist and a technical shift for the operators a day before the broadcast