SIFI short drama filmed with FULL Virtual Production


XR Movie Hyperjump


Short film

Initially, the script was written to work in the usual field shooting mode, therefore, in the process of preproduction, subsequent work with graphics and creating a virtual environment for filming, all the nuances of the filming process were adapted to the new format of work

“Hyperjump” is a piercing film-parable in the style of a si-fi drama, as if inspired by the work of the great and beloved science fiction writers – Kir Bulychev, Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, Harry Garrison and Philip Kindred Dick about the fact that technological progress is inevitable in the future will leave a person behind artificial intelligence. The main question that will be asked is: is it so bad that we will be replaced?

To implement the project, an LED cyclorama was installed with a configuration of 100 square meters ABSEN D2V 2.9 on the surface of the walls, with a bend angle of 2.5 degrees, and 60 square meters of ABSEN PL4 4.8 ceiling panels, raised by winches to the level of the upper edge of the cyclorama, creating tight-fitting ceiling. Due to the LED ceiling that completely covers the area of ​​the frame, we did not use additional equipment, lighting devices, controlling the intensity of the glow, color and temperature of the panels according to the nature of the frame conceived by the director

The plot conveys to us the idea that the extinction of one species in favor of a more perfect one is a natural and logical process. We will have to either evolve ourselves, or give way to a more perfect species, it does not matter if this species is a natural product of evolution, or artificial intelligence.

The main question is only how not to miss this moment and find a new place, if not under the Sun, then maybe under some of the distant and indifferent stars of our vast Galaxy