The annual all-Russian holiday of graduates - Scarlet Sails 2020


TRС Petersburg / 5 CHANNEL


TV show

The second significant project for our company is cooperation with the TRK Petersburg - 5 CHANNEL, and joint work on the preparation and holding of the graduates' holiday - SCARLET SAILS

In 2020, we became the main technical contractors for the filming of promotional videos and for the live broadcast of the annual Alye Parus alumni holiday.

For the filming of the commercial, XR-technologies were used, which allow combining real scenery and actors and high-resolution LED screens in one frame.

We installed a cyclorama made of LED panels Absen D2V 2.9 and Absen PL4 4.8, this setup allows you to work without the use of additional light, the ceiling panels provide a good imitation of natural sunlight, and we shot all the shots without leaving the pavilion.

While working on this project, the convenience of virtual production methods became obvious

This year, for the first time, the celebration was broadcast live from several pavilions and locations in the city, due to special restrictive measures. The task was set – to recreate realistic weather conditions in several frames, and our LED panels became the ideal solution, because in this shooting mode you can implement any weather conditions, since the screens can withstand a high natural load factor and are waterproof, and we can shoot with a rain installation when applying smoke – machines, use wind and sand. This allows us to further blur the line between real and virtual environments.

"Scarlet Sails" is a holiday of graduates of Leningrad schools, the appearance of which in the late 60s inspired the incredible popularity of the film of the same name based on the story of Alexander Green. The first celebration took place on June 27, 1968. On this day, Leningrad schoolchildren first saw a brigantine under scarlet sails on the Neva, which later became the emblem of the holiday

The tradition of the whole city to celebrate the entry of yesterday’s schoolchildren into adulthood was interrupted in 1979 and was revived only 25 years later on the initiative of the Administration of St. Petersburg, the Joint Stock Bank “RUSSIA” and the Fifth Channel.

The second birth of the holiday took place on June 24, 2005. Since then, its geography has expanded significantly, the city event has acquired an international sound, “Scarlet Sails” were included in the register of world event tourism and recommended for visiting in 20 countries of the European Union. EUBEA International Prize Chosen Scarlet Sails Best Event