Series of LIVE-clips NIGATIV in support of EP "Storm"




Music videos supporting the album

Working on a series of clips of a live concert of the Nigative group in support of the EP Storm of the same name

Four full-fledged clips with different decorations and virtual surroundings, filmed in one shift, have become an excellent visual complement to the release of Vladimir Afanasyev’s new album, which has become a kind of recorded live concert, supplemented by a string quartet of cellists and violinists.

Taking into account the tight schedule and the artist’s ability to work only one shift, we decided to work as far as possible without frames with the floor, keeping the floor decoration for only one clip out of four

For this project we used a small "mobile" LED setup with a total area of ​​40 m²

The scenes were prepared in a few days, we supplemented the LED setup with a small set of lighting equipment, provided all the necessary backline, decorations and props, fully preparing the site for work and the arrival of the artist. For the comfort of the artist’s film crew, on the eve of the shooting, a mandatory change in the technical development of the site was carried out, all angles were worked out for each song